Norman Keep of Cardiff Castle

Built in the late 11th century, this Norman Keep is inside the walls of Cardiff Castle. The Norman keep and the high motte, the man-made earthwork, on which it stands were constructed on a site that had previously been a Roman fort, dating from the last century A.D.

It looks from the outside to be in rather good shape for a near millennium-old structure and it is. Inside the exterior wall of the Norman Keep it is barren with a paved circumference around the wall and grass in the center. I imagine the majority of the construction inside the exterior fortifying wall was made of wood and has since deteriorated.

Norman Keep Interior
Interior of the Norman Keep.

Norman Keep from Northeast
The Norman Keep at Cardiff Castle viewed from the northeast side with the towers of Cardiff Castle further on, as well as Millennium Stadium in view over the Cardiff Castle wall.

In the entrance tower there are some rooms of the keep that remain.

Tower top room
Room in the top of the tower.

Norman Castle Window
View out of the Norman Keep tower to Cardiff Castle.

looking west
View toward the southern end of Bute Park from the Norman Keep.

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