Animal Wall - Cardiff, Wales

Cardiff Animal Wall Pelican
Pelican Sculpture Resting on the Animal Wall in Cardiff

The Cardiff Animal Wall is a roughly 6 foot high stone and mortar wall in Cardiff city centre. It was originally located in front of Cardiff Castle. In 1922 it was moved to the border between Bute Park and Castle Street, where it remains today.

Atop the wall are 15 animal sculptures giving the wall its name. The wall was designed by English architect William Burges as part of the design he conceived for Cardiff Castle. Burges was also the architect of Castell Coch, or Red Castle in north Cardiff County.

Animal Wall Lioness
Lioness on the Animal Wall, One of the Original Sculptures, Notice the Glass Eyes

The original wall had just nine animal sculptures, when the wall was moved 6 more were added. The 9 original sculptures are the apes, bear, hyena, 2 separate lions facing opposite directions, a lioness, lynx, seal, and wolf. The nine original sculptures can also be identified by their glass eyes which the newer sculptures do not have. The 6 newer sculptures are an anteater, beaver, leopard, pelican, raccoons, and a vulture.

Animal Wall Snow
The Animal Wall on the Right of the Road

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