Mother Ivey's Bay & Polventon Beach

On the north coast of Cornwall on the northern side of Trevose Head is Mother Ivey's Bay.

mother ivey's bay
Polventon Beach at Mother Ivey's Bay

Popular activities at Mother Ivey's Bay include surfing, bodyboarding, swimming, and general beach lounging.

Accommodations at Mother Ivey's consist primarily of camping and caravanning. The are quite a number of caravan spots in the Trevose Head area. The environment is certainly suited for camping as you'll likely choose to spend much time outside, whether at the beach or the surrounding countryside.

If for some reason you find yourself interested in seeing more of a town environment, Padstow is just a short car trip away. It would make a nice walk or bike ride as well, Padstow is 3 miles to the east.

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