The Famous Dovedale Stepping Stones

Walking and hiking in Dovedale, a popular and scenic dale in the Peak District, is an enjoyable activity. One of the more unique sections of the walking paths in Dovedale are the stepping stones across the River Dove, they are known to be slippery at times but they will most likely get you across the river while staying dry. Granted they do require you exert a bit more care in your steps than a bridge would, but that's part of the fun.

The Famous Stepping Stones Across the River Dove in Dovedale
Dovedale Stepping Stones
In 2010 the Dovedale Stepping Stones were re-surfaced with new limestone slabs, making them all a uniform height. Some locals and other users of the stepping stones were not happy with this, but at least the re-surfacers had the sense to use the local limestone and not something unsightly such as concrete.

The Dovedale Stepping Stones have been a feature of the Derbyshire country side for centuries. Walkers, ramblers, and fishers have been using them to cross the River Dove since at least the 17th century when they were mentioned in Izaak Walton's book The Compleat Angler.

Dovedale stepping Stones Weathered

Here are the Dovedale Stepping Stones in there weathered and uneven state before they were re-surfaced. One of the complaints of those unhappy with the change of the stones was that in their previous state you could get a sense of the centuries of use the stones had received by looking at the wear and weathering of them.

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  1. I loved these as a kid, still do... Best way to cross a river I'll say, apart from wading on warm days of course.