Broadway Tower - Cotswolds

Atop a Cotswold hill sits the Broadway Tower, a somewhat peculiar looking structure, that nonetheless draws the eye.

Broadway Tower
Comfortable Grass on Broadway Hill

On Broadway Hill, the second highest peak in the Cotswolds at 1024 feet, Broadway Tower stands 55 feet high. Designed and built at the very end of the 18th century to resemble a castle, and it certainly does, a compacted one at that.

On clear days standing atop Broadway Hill, or in Broadway Tower affords sweeping views in all directions, as far as the Welsh Mountains to the west.

Broadway Tower Roof
View from a Window in the Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower Window
Take in the view from the Broadway Tower rooftop with your eyes alone, or with the aid of a telescope.

Towns nearby are Evesham in Worcestershire, Moreton-in-Marsh in northeastern Gloucestershire, and the Worcestershire village of Broadway from which the Broadway Tower can be reached by following a path.

Broadway Tower Country Park in which the Tower is located can also be reached along the Cotswold Way. The park is open daily from 10:30 am - 5:00pm. Admission is Adult £4.50, Child (4-14) £2.50, with annual, group, and family prices also available.

Those wishing to reach Broadway Tower by car can take the A44 Evesham - Moreton-in-Marsh.

Learn more at the Broadway Tower website -

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