Spillers Records - Cardiff, Wales

Spillers Records Long Ago
Spillers Records when Phonographs were the Thing

Spillers Records in Cardiff, "The Oldest Record Store in the World," so they say. But, they have a good chance of this being the case and are recognized as such by Guinness World Records. Spillers Records first opened in 1894, in Queen’s Arcade, just 17 years after Thomas Edison first introduced his phonograph in 1877.

Phonographs initially played music that was recorded on cylinders, not the disc shaped records we are more familiar with today. It wasn't until around 1920 when disc shaped records invented by Emile Berliner in 1888 began to supplant cylinders as the dominant form of recording media. This was due in part to Berliner's patent for the disc shaped records having expired in 1918 and many other companies starting to manufacture the records at this time. Spiller Records founder Henry Spiller certainly chose a growth industry.

In addition to a wide range of music suitable for just about any music lover, a signifier of a quality independant music shop, Spillers Records also host in-store music performances and sells tickets to local music performances.

Spillers Records Previous Location
Spillers Records Home on The Hayes from the 1940s to 2010

Welsh Musician Gruff Rhys performing at Spillers in 2007.

Spillers Records - Morgan Arcade
Spillers Records Current Location in Morgan Arcade

Spillers Records current locations is at 31, The Morgan Arcade, Cardiff.

They are open Monday - Saturday, 9:30 - 5:45 each day & closed on Sundays.

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