Camping Pods in Cornwall

Interested in a camping holiday where you can get an up close enjoyment of the Cornwall countryside?

But not so close as to be sleeping on the ground in a tent?

In that case you might enjoy a visit to the camping pods at Caradoc of Tregardock on the north Cornwall Coast.

camping pod

The camping pods as you can see are similar to a small wooden cottage or cabin, with sloping sides/roof that gives it an appearance similar to old a-frame style tents.

You could almost call it a wooden tent, but I think calling something a tent necessitates it not being made out of wood.

Camping Pohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifd Doorway
Nice view to wake up to from inside the pod.

Another place offering camping hut or camping wigwams, as they call them, holidays in Cornwall is Ruthern Valley. Information can be found on their website here - http://www.ruthernvalley.com

Ruthern Valley Caters to caravanners and tent campers as well.

Caradoc of Tregardock's website is here - http://www.tregardock.com

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