Thor's Cave in the Manifold Valley

Thor's Cave Distance
Looking up at Thor's Cave from the Manifold Valley

Thor's Cave, one of the multiple caves in the Peak District in Staffordshire, England. Humans have known of and visited the cave for at least 10 thousand years. Stone tools have been found in the cave as well as other artifacts and even the remains of extinct animals.

Activities in the area apart from the hike into the cave include a number of different rock climbing routes in the area. Another popular activity is walking or cycling the Manifold Way.

According to people knowledgable on the subject, the name Thor's Cave is likely not derived from the Norse God of Thunder, Thor. The origin of the name however, is not well established. One theory is that the name Thor's Cave is derived from the word tor, a word originating in England meaning a rocky outcrop at the peak of a hill.

In the photo at the top it is somewhat hard to gauge the size of the cave opening.

As you can see from this perspective the opening of Thor's Cave is quite large around 10 meters across, roughly the height of a three-story building.

Inside Thor's Cave
Looking out on the Manifold Valley from the inside of Thor's Cave

Thor's CAve outside
Standing Outside Thor's Cave

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  1. Awesome! This is how I imagined the Giant's Cave in the Odyssey or was it the Iliad? One of those Homerian epics.